Småskaligt, lokalt, modernt lantbruk i Burträsk

RenbergsGIN (english)

We at Renbergsvattnet’s farm have, with the help of Tevsjö Mill & Distillery, refined the malting barley we grew in 2023 into our own RenbergsGIN.
Flavored with rowan berries and a pinch of spruce shoots. Handpicked in Renbergsvattnet (Renbergs), of course. Growing organic grains for our animals is part of our everyday life. But growing organic malting barley is something new and exciting in our latitudes.
A little touch of luxury in the life of a farmer. So, add a splash of RenbergsGIN to your glass and enjoy it with us!
Mikael & Fredrik.
9th generation farmers at Renbergsvattnet’s Farm.

The farming year begins in autumn when we plow the fields in preparation for next spring’s malt barley sowing.
When the spring sun has sufficiently warmed up the soil, we fertilize the fields with manure from our cows, which is then harrowed into the soil to provide nutrition aswell as creat an even seedbed for the sowing of the malting barley. In 2023, we sowed malting barley of the “Planet” variety on May 19.
The malting barley has emerged in mid-July.
The malting barley in early August, a few weeks before harvest.
The malting barley is harvested on September 7-8 2023.
Today’s grain harvest is dried during the evening/night by blowing 70-degree air, heated with two pellet boilers totaling 600 kW, through the grain.
In order for the grain to be stored, it must be dried down to a moisture content of 14 percent, which takes 2-6 hours. After checking the moisture content, the grain is transterred to a storage silo the following morning.
The rowan berries were picked on August 24 in our garden.
The spruce shoots were picked on June 16 in our own forest.
The micro-distillery Tevsjö Mill & Distillery in Järvsö has refined our organic malting barley, rowan berries, and spruce shoots to become our very own RenbergsGin.